Tucson Tabernacle

Tucson Tabernacle was established in 1965 by our pastor, Brother Pearry Green.


Our ministry is based on the Bible and has been greatly affected by the biblical teachings of Brother William Marrion Branham.

We are not a place of perfect people. We are just sinners saved by God’s amazing grace. We have no holiness or merits of our own to present to the Lord Jesus, but we are trusting in His grace, in His redemption, in His sacrifice that He made on Calvary for our sins. We have no membership, only fellowship.

For those who would like to visit Tucson Tabernacle, you may find our service times and location under Worship Services. We also have a few Sermons available for listening to or downloading.


William Marrion Branham


Many outstanding events happened in the life and ministry of Brother William Branham. He traveled the world preaching and praying for the sick.

During the years of 1947 through 1965, over 1100 of his sermons were recorded. These sermons are available from several sources in both audio and text formats. They are available for free download or for purchase. Some are sermon series, where he preached several sermons about a subject. Listings of these are available under each series.

Brother Branham was given visions from the Lord. Many were for specific people or individual persons concerning their lives. The Lord also showed him seven things which would happen before the end. We refer to this vision as the 7-event vision, which is listed under Visions | Prophecies | Events.

Several biographies also have been written about his life and ministry.



Resources includes descriptions of these items and places to obtain them:

  • Bibles | Study Tools (audio Bibles, children's Bibles, Bible concordances, the Bible on the Internet, an Internet-based searchable Bible and study tools, and offline Bible study tools, etc.)
  • Books (that were distributed during William Branham’s campaigns, devotional books, biographies, songbooks, hymnals, etc.)
  • Other items (such as pictures, prints, and DVDs)
  • The Sources Page PDF lists more items than are listed on this website.

Free Downloads

Many items that have been available from Tucson Tabernacle are now available as free downloads


Photo Gallery

  • This Photo Gallery contains text documents and photos that have been obtained by Brother Pearry Green and Tucson Tabernacle over many years.
  • More descriptions of photos is found under Bulletin Board Displays.

More and Links...

  • Scriptures is a grouping of Bible verses that were edifying to several people.
  • Quotes is a grouping of quotes from the sermons Brother Branham preached that were edifying to several people.
  • Other Links - Some websites give information concerning the ministry of William Branham, some offer audio listening of sermons, testimonies, and translations of sermons, etc. 
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